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Toward a new paradigm in Micromachinery

5D NanoPrinting project aims to set a new paradigm in the 3D printing technology of micro and nano machines.  

By developing innovative smart/functional materials with tailorable properties and novel fabrication methodologies, it aims to propel forward the current state-of-the-art micro(nano)printing technologies, allowing faster prototyping and designing of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

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08 November 2022
RT @IITalk_projects: .@5DNanoPrinting @IITalk aims to develop a new paradigm in the #3D printing technology of #micro machines. What are t…
07 November 2022
RT @IITalk_projects: How can we study the world at a #micro- and #nanoscopic level? How can we interact with it? Let's try to answers to th…
21 October 2022
RT @IITalk: One hour left to the last event of the IIT #digitalfestival “Science is ready”! “See (and work with) the invisible” is schedule…
19 October 2022
RT @IITalk: “See (and work with) the invisible”, the last event of the IIT #digitalfestival, is scheduled on Friday, October 21st, from 11.…
29 September 2022
RT @VMattoli: We are hiring Post Doc on @5DNanoprinting project! Two Photon Lithography & MEMS. Deadline is tomorrow! Hurry up!!! To apply…
14 September 2022
RT @CvdGraz: Our PhD student @lille_marille has investigated the initial growth of ZnO during PE-ALD on polymers. Results have now been pub…
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